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Norton Engineering Inc.

We love sewers.


Norton Engineering Inc. was established in 2015 by Barbara A. Robinson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Barbara has 28 years' experience in civil engineering studies, EAs, design, construction, implementation & monitoring, in both the private and public sectors (with two years as City Engineer for Kitchener). She has spent countless hours in the field, in sewer systems and in basements, to understand the complexities of public and private side sewers.

Barbara's primary research focus is the investigation of the phenomena of new sewers being poorly installed and permitting unacceptable leakage (e.g. entrance of groundwater and rainwater which should not be there) at inception on both the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE sides of the sewer system (See link below).

Barbara chaired the development of the new CSA Guideline Z800: Guideline on Basement Flood Protection and Risk Reduction that is now available for purchase on the CSA website. Development of the Guideline was motivated by both current basement flood risk and by the potential for increased risk in many regions of Canada under changing climate conditions.

Barbara has worked as CBC Radio's Infrastructure Columnist since 2016, delivering columns on engineering topics in Kitchener Waterloo as well as across Ontario markets.

Barbara was one of our panelists for the Women in STEM Q&A panel in September of 2018. Barbara was outstanding! Her contributions were relevant and thought provoking. Her delivery was engaging and her stories compelling. She was exceptionally informative, with great insights on how to persevere and succeed in male dominated environments. Our attendees gained a lot from Barbara‚Äôs participation in our panel. Her humorous delivery and clear communication style helped create an open conversation, even when discussing difficult topics. We are glad we had her point of view and expertise to enrich the conversation. 

Sandra Riano, President 
Young Women in Business, Toronto

"Norton" got its name from Ed Norton of the Honeymooners... He was a sewer maintenance worker. Enough said.