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Trenchless Technology's Role in Reducing Private Side I/I
Trenchless Technology Canada, June 2023

Norton Discusses Bottled Water on CityNEWS 570, The Mike Farwell Show
October 2023

Norton on TVO's the Agenda

Norton talks with Steve Paikin of the Agenda, about private side sewers and how residents can reduce their risk of flood substantially, while at the same time protecting City sewers, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. 

Norton introduces the new "Sewers are Not Trash Cans" program to Steve. This concept is a game changer for sewers.

Panthers womens stall_edited.jpg

The white box contains clean paper bags - it is NOT a trash can!

On this CTV spot, Norton explains to residents that women's washroom stalls do not contain trash cans, so that menstrual products (and flushable wipes and incontinence products) are being flushed out of necessity. This is substantially increasing the risk of flooding for all, and the costs of operating our sewer systems. This material must be sent to the landfill, and when we flush 

Ontario's Leaky Sewer Problem: The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Household flooding is not always caused by rain, but rather by brand new sewer pipes that are leaking. Barbara and Steve discuss why this issue has received enormous attention in recent years, and what we are doing to minimize the many risks that this poses.

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