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Barbara Robinson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

See below for a live interview for CBC TV News (Windsor), to see Barbara discussing flooding in new subdivisions following the Amherstburg (near Windsor ON) Floods in a new subdivision this weekend.

Norton Engineering Inc. was established in 2015 by Barbara A. Robinson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Barbara has 28 years' experience in civil engineering studies, EAs, design, construction, implementation & monitoring, in both the private and public sectors (two years as City Engineer for Kitchener). She specializes in projects to identify and remove rainwater and groundwater (inflow and infiltration) from existing sanitary and storm sewer systems on both the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE side of the property line. Robinson has spent many years in the field, inspecting new and existing sanitary sewer installations, private property and basement plumbing and installation, and has undertaken confined space entry of thousands of manholes and large sewers. 

Barbara works as CBC Radio's infrastructure columnist, delivering columns on engineering topics in Kitchener Waterloo as well as across Ontario markets.

Barbara chaired the development of new CSA Guideline Z800: Guideline on Basement Flood Protection and Risk Reduction which is now available for purchase on the CSA website. The Guideline was prepared to assist relevant stakeholders in the mitigation of basement flood risk for new and existing National Building Code (NBC) Part 9 Residential Buildings. Development of the Guideline was motivated by both current basement flood risk and by the potential for increased risk in many regions of Canada under changing climate conditions.

In case you were wondering where the name "Norton" came from...

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